300 Hour YTT Certification


We are excited to announce our Advanced Yoga Studies program! Whether you have completed your 200-Hour with us or anywhere else, we delighted to be able to help you advance your yoga education, deepen your own practice and ultimately learn to share your love of yoga on and off the mat!

How our training works:

If you have already completed a 200-Hour Teacher Training anywhere, you can advance your yoga education with our 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Studies program. While there are some requirements, you can design your own path to advance your yoga studies.

This allows you to focus on the aspects of yoga that you love and create the Advanced certification you want!

Once you complete the 300-Hour AYS program, all that’s left is 100 hours of teaching to qualify for the Yoga Alliance designation of 500 RYT.

There is an application process as well as a registration fee once accepted you are into the program. All AYS students will have 2 years to complete the required hours. There is a rolling enrollment! The group in process will have 6 required meetings. These meetings consist of teachings, presentations by you and your fellow AYS cohorts and group process work to begin executing your final group project. Taking part in a Gates Yoga Affiliate 300 Hour YTT requires a graduation benefit project. Essentially, you will meet every quarter to deepen your understanding of the process and to plan and execute the final group community offering.

The end result of your training will be a celebration of your achievement by teaching back and creating a weekend of yoga to support a local organization in need! Teach what you know, serve your community and join a group dedicated to raising our conscious awareness and evolving the human spirit!

The modules include:

  • The Art of Hands on Assists 50hrs*

  • Restorative Yoga: The Practice of Radical Self Care 40hrs*

  • Classical Alignment: Introduction to Iyengar 30hrs*

  • Awakening the Spirit Within: An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 40hrs*

  • Pranayama and bandhas 25hrs*

  • Chakra study and practice: 25hrs

  • Advanced Chakra

  • Ashtanga 25hrs

  • Business of Yoga 20hrs

  • Philosophy 25hrs

  • Meditation 20hrs

  • Theming 20hrs

  • Advanced Sequencing 25hrs

  • Prenatal + Postpartum 25hrs

  • Anatomy 25hrs

  • Advanced Anatomy 25hrs

  • Deep Dive Inside_ exploring the fascia that connects you! 25hrs

  • Yoga Nidra

*required courses

Plus more to come! We are always adding modules! We will be bringing in teachers from all over to augment this ever evolving program!

This is an Advanced 300hr Certification process. All of the sessions and assignments are to that purpose and are therefore required in order to successfully complete this program. What I am asking of you is that you do your very best. Over and above that, is that you apply yourself to this process in the way you want your students to apply themselves in your classroom. Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss any questions you have regarding your readiness for this program.