Finding Clarity


As we’ve been hurled into the space of the new year, some of us kicking and screaming and others grateful for a new start, I’d like to suggest that instead of setting intentions or having resolutions that we spend the month of January getting clear.

Getting clear about who we are and how we want to feel in our lives. We can make resolutions and travel mindlessly like a Maserati from 0 to 100 for the first few weeks and then simply run out of gas. Or we can be like a Buick, steady, steadfast and dependable as we make small adjustments and inch closer day by day to our hearts desire.

Instead of intending what happens if we clarify how we want to feel? If we take our time mindfully and methodically feeling into a new way of living.

What are the things that light you up, that stoke your soul, that saturate your spirit?

What will create more lasting change for you? Let's dig deep together and decide, shall we?

We have lots of exciting things in store for you at the studio and yes we are like a Buick slow and steady. So be sure to look out for new classes new opportunities new teachers new chances to become aware and awake with our beautifully diverse and conscious community.



Kyra Strasberg