And It Marches On...

They say it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Can you believe that the month is half over? 

Spring is here, Spring break is over, soon exams and then summer. 

What have you done to detoxify?

What have you let go of in order to more fully engage in your own life? 

Studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there is a word that helps support us towards this goal that we are all aiming for this month. 

The word is tapas

Yep, I know you're thinking Gervais and Vine,Spain or nice little bites to satisfy your palette. Alas, friends in Sanskrit it means fire! Fire like, passion and discipline. Fire like "Let's burn this sh#$%!! up! 

Turnt up. Burnt.

It's the means and the formula for achieving the goal and on the way to a goal its the process we move thru that teaches that we can, yes we can! 

It is all about the journey. 

The practice the continual effort until one day we are there! 

It is the only way to change. 

To let go. 

To cleanse our minds, our bodies and our hearts of negativity and toxicity so we can embrace the beauty of our lives. When we spin around and around day after day so busy in the doing we hardly have a moment to experience the being. 

That folks is why we need to let go!

What have you done this month for your Spring Cleaning?

We would love to know if you care to share!

Kyra Strasberg