Teacher Training

 Recent graduates

Recent graduates

We come to teacher training because we need more. We need a circle of souls that accepts us because of our differences not in spite of them. A family of the heart. Life has flexed it’s muscle one too many times and we need a plan, a real practice to support us. It’s said “yoga is the discipline that makes your life work.” For me that is true. I believe it is true for all of the people that I’ve trained. We all want to be kinder, find more joy, be more present, and we need a plan. This teacher training is that plan. We dive deep into the spiritual and the physical. We learn the basics of the Yoga Sutras. We learn to teach safe well sequenced classes. Most importantly, we come together as a group for this moment in time and share in a way that cannot be described. If you think you are interested in yoga teacher training, then you are ready. It’s not about the poses, it’s about living your yoga…

Join us.


The Instructors
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Kyra Strasberg
For me, yoga is my safe place. After a long and wonderful career as a ballerina I was broken on many levels. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. The daily grind of trying to be picture perfect, fit into the costume, use every single muscle even in my pinky had left me feeling lost. The day after I retired, I sat on my front steps with a bloody Mary and cigarette in hand and decided I needed to figure out who I was. After all, as a dancer I had spent my entire life trying to be someone else. Yoga was on the list. I tried it several times over the years, but it wasn’t until Rolf Gates class and his famous quote “we show up, burn brightly in the moment, live passionately and hold nothing back....” that I realized I had found a place to call home for all of my parts. My body loved the flow and breath of vinyasa. My emotions got miraculously put on hold *thank goodness*. Most of all I realized that my spirit and soul were all mine and all perfectly imperfect and that was ok. I had been a teacher of teachers for Romana’s Pilates, the most authentic and classical version of Pilates. I trained over 2 dozen teachers in only a few years. When I moved back to Columbia, I lost myself again. It wasn’t until I found the courage to open Yoga Masala that I began to realize that I was not alone. That we all feel lost in life. That we all need a place to be able to shed our skin. That we all just want to be ourselves. That all of the conditioning we grow up with is wonderful. It’s kept us safe and helped us grow. But there is still a hole that even the most wonderful family in the world cannot fill.

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Haley Duggan
Haley ’s story probably begins in a pool- swimming laps, losing count, and with water up her nose. “My mom made me wait until my 10th birthday to start swimming year-round. Still to this day that ten-year old inspires me to jump in headfirst and not give up.” She went to University of South Carolina as a student athlete on the swim team.

How did Haley find yoga, you ask? Cut to-an ungodly amount of swim practices, a shoulder and an intercostal repair surgery, hours of physical therapy and a promising swimming career cut short, she had to find something that would heal not only her body but also the devastation she felt without the pool. Haley was literally fish OUT of the water and like many us, she stumbled into a yoga class to help her increase strength and flexibility to help with her injuries.

After one class at Yoga Masala, she was hooked! Soon she realized that yoga was so much more than standing on your head and touching your toes- “it’s about returning to yourself everyday”. A few years into her practice at Masala Kyra Strasberg was starting a teacher training and asked her “what’s keeping you from doing this?”

She had no answer, and that was the answer. NOTHING! Jump in, headfirst!!!

What You Will Learn


How to teach a safe and effective vinyasa class
You will gain an understanding of the principles of alignment which when applied create a class for all ages and stages. This includes sequencing and more importantly a method for adapting that sequence to the myriad of situations implied by the word Yoga. 

Living Your Yoga
Many people have said that yoga has saved their lives. That it changes people. By deepening your understanding of yoga you will find yourself on the path as Gandhi said of "being the change you wish to seek in the world." In the training we dissect and apply the principles found in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

On and Off the Mat
During this training you will begin each day with asana, meditation, and pranayama instruction and practice. Each weekend is broken down into alignment, cueing, safety, spiritual principles and meditation. All of these components create an holistic approach to yoga that gives you the impetus to take it off the mat and into your life. You will leave each weekend walking the talk. You will experience a deeper connection to yourself and that vibrant potential that you have been seeking.

Each student will be paired with a mentor who is a YTT graduate to help support them thru the training.
In addition each participant is required to 10 hours yoga related of community service. 


The Curriculum includes:

Mastery of the basic techniques of Asana, Meditation and Pranayama
Therapeutic applications of alignment and safety
The art of sequencing classes of all lengths
How to teach students of all levels
Study of the Yoga Sutras and application in Real life/Real time
Cultivation of the Eight Limbed path of yoga
How to view a pose from the ground up
Over 50 hours of observed practice teaching
The role of the teacher and the principles of teaching
The Art of basic hands on assisting

The Dates * 

June 1 - 3
June 29 - July 2
August 31 - September 3
October 5 - 8
November 2 - 4
November 30 - December 2

* In addition, during the course of the training you will be required to attend 18 classes at Yoga Masala or Masala on Main.
This requirement is designed to help you understand the principles of this training in real time. 

Schedule and Investment **

6 Friday Evenings + 6 Weekends + 3 Mondays {July 2nd, Sept 3 and Oct 8th}

* In addition, during the course of the training you will be required to attend 18 classes at Yoga Masala or Masala on Main.
This requirement is designed to help you understand the principles of this training in real time. 


Please fill out our application and return it to us via email, mail, or in person along with your preferred payment information for the deposit which will be due afteracceptance in the program in order to hold your spot in this training. If you have never practiced with us and need Yoga Masala to provide your recommendation form (this can also be done by any yoga teacher who is familiar with your practice) please plan on attending one of our yoga classes.

Applications for Yoga Masala’s 200 Hour Teacher Training will be accepted until May 25th 2018 or until all spaces are full.
There are a limited number of spaces available.

“Yoga doesn’t ask you to be more than you are,
but it does ask you to be all that you are”
~ Bryan Kest